Tuesday, February 12, 2013

two yellow chickies

Finished block 3 yesterday evening, but had to wait til this morning for photos.

sure looks different from the naked block, doesn't it? There seem to be an awful lot of beads on this block, and I had to restrain myself from adding even more. Some details -

the chickies


 My attempt at a Jacobean type flower. I hand painted those litttle guipure daisies to tone.

and some silk ribbon butterflies. The yellow ribbon here is very old - I found it among some of my mother's scraps - but the little sequins holding it down are from the 21st century.
And of course you've already seen the sheep.

After some time spent considering the three finished blocks, I decided to go ahead and make up the remaining nine blocks, so I can pin them on the display board and see how they will go together. I've done three so far, will post pics when they are all made up.


  1. Just love the Butterflies. Joy..NZ

  2. I'm enjoying viewing your delightful CQ blocks. Lovely stitching.