Saturday, February 23, 2013

now that's REALLY crazy!

Well, plan B didn't work either - the blocks still didn't look like the makings of a quilt. So I made 12 more blocks, with a wild mixture of colours - the only "rule" was that there had to be either 3 warm colours and 4 cool colours in each block, or vice versa.

Here they are, laid out on the lounge room floor. And yes, it's a terrible photo, the light wasn't good.
Then I spent an afternoon shuffling them around until I was satisfied with the layout.

This is probably how it's going to be. Now I'll begin embroidering and embellishing them. I have no idea if this is going to work.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

learning curve

So, I made a few more blocks yesterday. Pretty blocks, too. (sorry about the poor photo)
  I followed my usual method for choosing colours - select a pretty print, add several co-ordinating plains, maybe a second print. But when I put them beside the three completed blocks, they just Didn't Go Together.

Lesson: a collection of blocks, however gorgeous, do not necessarily make a harmonious whole.
I had obviously strayed from my original plan of a colourwash effect across the whole quilt.

Back to the design board. I cut small squares of six basic rainbow pastels - purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink, and pinned them on the board. Then I added 2 smaller squares of analogous (related) colours to each one.

After a bit tweaking, they looked like this.

Next, I scanned a crazy block outline into the computer, and made 12 copies. Using a basic photoshop-type program, I coloured each block to (sort of) match the fabric squares.Then I pasted the blocks together in Publisher, and printed them.
 This will now serve as a guide for making a whole new set of blocks.

What of the blocks I've already completed, you ask? All those weeks of work? Sadly not all of them may be used in the quilt - the last one, with the sheep, will probably fit in. Don't know about the other two at this stage, but they won't be wasted; I'll mount them as individual pieces, and doubtless someone will like them for a birthday present.

C'est la vie.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

two yellow chickies

Finished block 3 yesterday evening, but had to wait til this morning for photos.

sure looks different from the naked block, doesn't it? There seem to be an awful lot of beads on this block, and I had to restrain myself from adding even more. Some details -

the chickies


 My attempt at a Jacobean type flower. I hand painted those litttle guipure daisies to tone.

and some silk ribbon butterflies. The yellow ribbon here is very old - I found it among some of my mother's scraps - but the little sequins holding it down are from the 21st century.
And of course you've already seen the sheep.

After some time spent considering the three finished blocks, I decided to go ahead and make up the remaining nine blocks, so I can pin them on the display board and see how they will go together. I've done three so far, will post pics when they are all made up.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Block 3 is by no means finished, but I couldn't resist showing you this -

are they not the cutest sheep? Worth making every one of those innumerable French knots, I reckon. OK, Lizzie and David's little flock probably don't have black faces and legs, but the colours work here.

Another day or two few days before the whole block is finished; life goes on around it. If you ever wondered why I work so slowly, consider the past week...

On Friday my sister and I went to Williamstown for a funeral. Saturday, a trip to the Wesley Hill Market to stock up on some of Katie's luscious fruit. Sunday, a couple of Scrabble games with Marle and Janet - neither of which I won :-(  What can you do when someone gets TWO seven letter words in one game???

Monday, coffee with a visiting granddaughter, and later a train trip to Bendigo to see the chiropractor. Love the train (and ridiculously cheap at $1.90 for pensioners.)
Tuesday, lots of stitching took place. Wednesday, not so much, due to morning coffee with the lovely Catsmum, followed by my regular massage appointment with Naomi, who does her best to combat the effects of sitting for hours, bent over an embroidery hoop.

This morning the Naughty Little Car had to be attended to; it's now running sweetly again. Tomorrow is the Goldfields Quilters' meeting day. Guess I'd better stop faffing around on the computer, and get back to stitching!

Friday, February 1, 2013

I don't think so

Don't quite know where this week went. 
On Tuesday, after spending several days on block #3, I came to the unhappy conclusion that I didn't like it enough to continue.

Something about the colours was just...not right.

 So I made a replacement, in a slightly different colourway.

 Chose some harmonising threads and trims, and made a start.

But I haven't made much progress. There was a coffee date, a visit from a daughter and a grandson,  some novels were read - one of them finished by candlelight during last night's lengthy power outage. And today, a funeral for a lovely cousin.
The weekend promises more distractions. But I'll get back to it.