Thursday, May 16, 2013

Block 5

It's always a bit risky to step away from a large ongoing project - it can be hard to get back into the mood. And indeed, when I had sorted out my crochet dilemma, there were other distractions - a couple of birthday celebrations, a trip to Ballarat, another to Maryborough, a sewing bee, a quilters' it took a while to rekindle my enthusiasm for Block 5. Yesterday afternoon it was finally finished.

The central bird is possibly a species of budgerigar, maybe...
There had to be sheep, of course. Usually one uses french knots for these, but french knots and I are not good friends, and I decided that these sheepies should wear 'knitted' coats instead.
The watery blue in the top RH corner just cried out for some fish and seaweed, and the pale blue sequins add a bit of glitz.
The elegant letter P is for one of Liz's sons.

Now to tackle the next block, which will be No 6 - when that's finished, I'll be halfway!