Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I've been doing

After finishing block 6, I decided to take a break for a while (which makes my daughter a bit nervous).
I turned my attention to card-making, because I had pretty much exhausted my supply of handmade cards. Cards are fun to make, you can experiment with different techniques, and there is almost instant gratification, rather than the slow slog of working on a Crazy block.
It's fun to rummage around in boxes of pretty fabric, selecting bits and pieces that might "go" together, and searching for the perfect scrap of lace or ribbon to set it all off.

So here's a selection of my creations -
 Left:  the tried-and-true random strips of fabric, with sunflowers on top
Right : Silk flowers with bead centres on fabric scraps

Left: scraps of quilting fabric on a hand-dyed background, with a couple of ribbon flowers
Right: shades of grey, topped with silk flowers and beads

Left: co-ordinating scraps, set off with a crochet flower and some simple embroidery
Right: A pretty floral set mounted on some grungy greens, tiny daisies to pick up the pink

Left: a Japanese print, stripes, and daisies

Right: another Japanese-style arrangement
Left: a piece from a silk tie, backed with an unlikely choice of polka dots - love it!
Right: a lavendar confection of silk flowers,  a whisp of net, and sparkly brocade

There are more of course, I've made about thirty so far, and haven't run out of ideas yet...

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Block 6

I've reached the halfway mark! Running a bit behind schedule, but still hoping to finish sometime in August.

Not so many figurative embroideries in this one, but I like how the spider and her web turned out. It's a redback, of course. (click the picture for details)

Now contemplating Block 7, seen here in its naked state... first, I should get those creases out!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Block 5

It's always a bit risky to step away from a large ongoing project - it can be hard to get back into the mood. And indeed, when I had sorted out my crochet dilemma, there were other distractions - a couple of birthday celebrations, a trip to Ballarat, another to Maryborough, a sewing bee, a quilters' it took a while to rekindle my enthusiasm for Block 5. Yesterday afternoon it was finally finished.

The central bird is possibly a species of budgerigar, maybe...
There had to be sheep, of course. Usually one uses french knots for these, but french knots and I are not good friends, and I decided that these sheepies should wear 'knitted' coats instead.
The watery blue in the top RH corner just cried out for some fish and seaweed, and the pale blue sequins add a bit of glitz.
The elegant letter P is for one of Liz's sons.

Now to tackle the next block, which will be No 6 - when that's finished, I'll be halfway!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

A delicious dilemma

Block 5 is  was coming along nicely, but on Monday I had the chance to visit Bendigo Woollen Mills, and bought an assortment of purple-ish wools for a new cardigan. Five colours, perfect for a six row rolling repeat. This cardie will be worked side-to-side, starting at the centre back.

Spent most of Tuesday setting it up, and was pleased with it, until I discovered that I had some more purple wool stashed away.

Four 50g balls of lovely, deep, dark purple. What to do?
I could use it for bands on the cardie,but it's rather loosely spun, and probably not durable enough.
Add it to the mix? Substitute it for one of the other colours?

This is how it looks with the new colour added in - not sure if I like it?

Oh, and yesterday I just happened to be in our new local wool shop, and I just happened to fall in love with

this ball of Noro sock yarn, which will make a gorgeous shawlette, methinks...

Block 5 is calling me, and as soon as I get these crochet projects set up for car trips/TV watching/coffee outings, I WILL get back to it!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

block 4

Finished the fourth block today -

 The chookies in the middle don't show as well as I'd like, but there are some good patches

Don't you love the ants? and the flowers above are based on an Indian embroidery I saw online

The dragonfly turned out well, and the ribbon flowers also (those leaves are painted Vilene)

and the nest is exactly how I'd imagined it - pretty cool, eh?

The next block is waiting  - I have lots of ideas for it!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Block 3

Block 3 is finished, and I'm pretty happy with it -

It's well balanced, I think, the bird turned out well, and there are a couple of nice details. The mauve daisies on the left were hand-painted, my first attempt at shading. (If you look back at the un-adorned block, you'll see that I have replaced the centre patch with a more subdued purple.)

a bunch of cherries and some pretty paisleys

a sweet little mouse, and a very "sixties" daisy.

It's easy to create a "pretty" block, with lots of flowers and butterflies and scrolly bits, but more challenging to work in some pictorial motifs, like the cherries and the mouse. I think it will make a more interesting quilt though.

and here's the next block, all ready for embellishment -

Should be done in a couple of weeks - at this rate, I calculate the quilt will be finished sometime in August...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Block 2

The second block is finished. I'm not entirely sure I like it.

I like some patches -

These roses

and another butterfly

Now to tackle the next block

Wonder how it will turn out?