Thursday, July 18, 2013

What I've been doing

After finishing block 6, I decided to take a break for a while (which makes my daughter a bit nervous).
I turned my attention to card-making, because I had pretty much exhausted my supply of handmade cards. Cards are fun to make, you can experiment with different techniques, and there is almost instant gratification, rather than the slow slog of working on a Crazy block.
It's fun to rummage around in boxes of pretty fabric, selecting bits and pieces that might "go" together, and searching for the perfect scrap of lace or ribbon to set it all off.

So here's a selection of my creations -
 Left:  the tried-and-true random strips of fabric, with sunflowers on top
Right : Silk flowers with bead centres on fabric scraps

Left: scraps of quilting fabric on a hand-dyed background, with a couple of ribbon flowers
Right: shades of grey, topped with silk flowers and beads

Left: co-ordinating scraps, set off with a crochet flower and some simple embroidery
Right: A pretty floral set mounted on some grungy greens, tiny daisies to pick up the pink

Left: a Japanese print, stripes, and daisies

Right: another Japanese-style arrangement
Left: a piece from a silk tie, backed with an unlikely choice of polka dots - love it!
Right: a lavendar confection of silk flowers,  a whisp of net, and sparkly brocade

There are more of course, I've made about thirty so far, and haven't run out of ideas yet...