Sunday, April 14, 2013

block 4

Finished the fourth block today -

 The chookies in the middle don't show as well as I'd like, but there are some good patches

Don't you love the ants? and the flowers above are based on an Indian embroidery I saw online

The dragonfly turned out well, and the ribbon flowers also (those leaves are painted Vilene)

and the nest is exactly how I'd imagined it - pretty cool, eh?

The next block is waiting  - I have lots of ideas for it!


  1. Lovely work Marcie and I also looked in Awe at the flicker photos.
    I love the fans in particular ...
    This is Glenice aka Ozjane

  2. I love these cheerful colors Marcie. Can't wait to feature your work.
    Pat W

  3. A friend pointed me to this blog post & I am in LOVE with your work! WOW! you have a great eye for colour & I adore your detailed work.

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