Thursday, March 21, 2013

Block 2

The second block is finished. I'm not entirely sure I like it.

I like some patches -

These roses

and another butterfly

Now to tackle the next block

Wonder how it will turn out?


  1. Marcie, I love your work, these block are wonderful. I think you and I have the same tastes in stitching...

  2. I first saw your work quite by accident on Flickr and then couldn't find more CQ that you had done besides the stunning blues and purples quilt you had done for your daughter. So. much to my surprise I saw a block of yours on Linda Steele's blog with a Link to your blog. So happy that you are still doing you CQ. I want to tell you just how much your work inspires me. I Absolutely ❤ it . . . Was hoping that your blog is on Googles friends connect so I can keep track of you. God Bless, Sondra